Friday, January 30, 2009

Song And Celebration Of Life On Earth

We have been away for a while - considering how we would again come ALIVE ! By tradition and by the vibrancy of TODAY !
Well, HERE we ARE !!! In Gospel ... In Rock ... In Celebration of Life On Earth ! Tenors and Sopranos ... With a Root of Jive ! ... And, a little bit of Rhythm ...
And, we sing EVERYTHING ! And, we plan a Festival Of Song ...
NOW ... HOW are WE going to PROCEED ... In SONG ... In VOICE ... In GROUP ... and, in CELBRATION ???
Please, give us YOUR thoughts ... email to ADDRESSED to Ralph Goodwin, business manager (or, telephone at 1.250.746.4212 : office hours).
We plan our NEXT COMING OUT for this SUMMER 2009 ... and, we are hoping to do this with a BANG ! And, perhaps, with a little throat singing !
Copyrighted Voices Alive: In The Valley : 2009

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